Early Childhood 

Oyler early childhood!

Ms. Katharine Snyder 

Early Childhood Resource Coordinator Learning Groveksnyder@learning-grove.org513-582-8640

The Early Childhood Resource Coordinator connects families with children ages 0-5 to a variety of early childhood programming and resources at Oyler Community Learning Center. To learn more or get connected, contact 0-5 Resource Coordinator Katharine Snyder at (513) 582-8640 or email KSnyder@learning-grove.org

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The first 5 years are important 5 years!

Did you know...?

During the 1st year, the brain doubles in size.

At 3 years of age, the brain is 80% fully developed.

By 5 years of age, the brain is 90% fully developed.

Watch this video to learn more about brain development!

Oyler Community Learning Center Offers Your Family...

Stimulating programs to support happy, healthy development of children,  birth through age 5. 

Support enrolling your child into high quality early childhood education programs that fit your family's needs.

Resources and programming to support kindergarten transition.

Support with resources that promote family success. 

Do you need child care...?  

Oyler Community Learning Center has two high quality Early Childhood Programs right in the school!

Robert & Adele Schiff Center

Located in back of Oyler CLC 

Services children 6 weeks to 5 years old.

Oyler Preschool Program

Located inside Oyler CLC

Serves children 3 to 5 years old

Family EngagEment Events 

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